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Happy birthday, David!

“Why did you name me, David”?, was the question my youngest son asked of my husband and I on the eve of his 10th birthday. 

“David is a strong, but gentle name.  It is a name befitting of a king and a name associated with great character.”  

Who would have thought that a name could so destine the boy?  

Remember when you were young and Valentine’s Day came around?  There was so much pressure because you really wanted to get a Valentine’s from the girl/boy you really liked?  Well, in David’s class, each child received a paper heart that was place on a string.  The heart was big enough that everyone could write on it – and everyone was supposed to write one word on it that they felt best represented that person.  David’s heart was filled with, “poli, gentil, sage”.  All I have ever wanted for my children was that they were respectful of others – and of course – happy.  I was thrilled to see what my son had come to be for so many others. 

On this, the occasion of David’s 10th birthday, my husband and I rejoice in our son.  He is our gift.  He has been our joy.  Of course, we have always seen all three of our children as wonderful people, but today is David’s day and is he who stands in the limelight.  

Ten years ago last night, I tucked Katya into bed when I experienced – for the first time – my water breaking.  I called to Kevin to get Grandma as she was only two blocks away and was our night-staff to watch the kids should we need to leave to the hospital at night. Kevin rushed the van down the road, jumped out to get Grandma and… locked the keys in the van.  It was -25 that night but he ran home to get the back up set – then back to Grandma’s house to get her.  We drove to the hospital.  To save on parking, we parked a distance away – I felt calm as David was the third child.  We didn’t realize the lower level door would be locked for construction and it was faster to climb the closed for the winter staircase than go back to the car.  Through the snow we trudged – scaled the fence – to discover the next door too was locked.  Fortunately someone else had pried it open and in we went.  The staff in maternity were not expecting traffic from our direction so they were surprised to see us enter.  They whisked us away – prepped for delivery and on the morning of the 17th – our David was born.  

David has never been average – his entrance to this world seemed to seal his fate to be extraordinary.  

This morning – Kevin and I took David to Sicilian for breakfast – Kevin toasted to David.  “To a boy who is never shy to give hugs, a boy who is first inclined to share, a boy who snuggles…”  David is a boy to is quick to offer help to someone in need – to share with those who have nothing – to offer his love unabashedly.  

I know if Mom and Dad were with us now they would be so proud of our David.  Mom always giggled when David played restaurant with her. Her order was always, “I’ll have a steak with baked potato, and an Alaskan baked pie for desert, please.”.  Dad always offered a great big grin when David climbed on is walker in order to get up onto Dad’s pink chair – to give Poppa a great big hug.  Dad would always say, “Oh, that’s so nice.”.  

Today – the Sun rose to wish David a happy birthday – and the sun will set with wishes for a continued wonderful year.  

Happy birthday

A smile says it all!

To our very dear boy – a very happy birthday!  May your day be befitting of a king!  

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The Sentimental Journey Continues: The Christmas Season

The Snowman sits at his piano and pounds out three melodies:  Oh, the weather out side is frightful,  jingle bell rock, and finally have a holly, jolly, Christmas.  And David, my youngest son, still delights in watching the motion of this battery operated Hallmark toy.

Today, however, he didn’t do laps around the room.  David sat and reminisced about Nanna.  “It’s not the same, Mom.”, he said to me after the Snowman had entertained in his historical fashion.  The Snowman was so much more fun when he was at Nanna and Poppa’s house.

And then only seconds later, he and I were back at decorating the tree… Nanna’s artificial tree that she had given to us when she down-sized to a foot-tall model that sat on her stereo cabinet.

Was this the same tree that sat in a box for years in our basement?  Hmm.  David thought it was much smaller than he had remembered it being at Nanna’s house.

Yes, it is the same tree.  It’s just that now, this tree is the tree that Nanna gave to us – and that makes it special.  More special than a tree that we could chop down ourselves.

As David and I assembled the pieces, spread the malleable limbs,  and then wrapped the lights around it, we talked about Nanna and Poppa.  “What I like most about Christmas David …. is tradition”.  Tradition anchors us to our roots, our memories, our heritage.

“What I like about Christmas, Mom, is family.” , said David.

God bless him, that little boy.  His Christmas list that I opened to read today asked for hugs and kisses.

He is a sentimental little guy, our son, David.  I love to spend time with him – and I love lighting the tree with him – and talking about his memories of Mom and Dad.  I feel much more reassured that their memory will live on through our children when we remind out children about the wonderful things we shared.

This is the first time that we will not share it with Nanna and Poppa… yet they are everywhere … when I open my heart to them.  They are in the tree, the wreath, the photos, the children, the decorations… the list goes on.  Christmas is a season of memory – of tradition – of hope – and holly – jolly … or so the Snowman says.



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His Eyes

His eyes open

To reveal a wonder, a question, an old soul.

His eyes open

To see family, friends, beauty.

Colour, movement, textures

Travel to his memory.

His eyes open

His sees the gifts of the day.

Through the eyes of a child

A Window on the World

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