The Malloff Clan

The Malloff Clan: It’s a family thing!

Ron is “stinky”.

Betsi is the MIT (Matriarch in Training).

Mike is the financial planner/ engineer/ guy we try to make talk very loud.

Pam is the archivist.

Cathy is the Hollywood glamour.

Jamie is on holidays is Hawaii at this time.  sigh. He’ll have to earn his title next year.

Stacey is the youngest (of course that’s me so I like to give myself the most appealing title) who tends to glue the family together.

… and this makes up the front line of cousins.

These titles are all titles in training, of course.  And since the “Matriarch” is still matricizing (if that’s a real word?) we need to be flexible.

Helen, the matriarch, calls the shots.  She sets the date.  She arrives.  She approves.  And the rest of the clan bustles around to show our respect for her.  Who is the matriarch in training?  Well, that would be Betsi – it is age related, but I am not at liberty to share the age of the “MIT” – nor am I at liberty to share the age of our 90 -year -old matriarch.

We have a legacy.  Our heritage is Russian.  And we are all born from the four Malloff family members  who grew up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan… Bill, Anne, Helen, and Paula.

We are now working to unite the second, third, and fourth generation off-spring from this original clan.

What is it that makes this family so unique?

We are artists, engineers, teachers, accountants, fitness experts, computer geeks, humanitarians, jokesters, golfers, curlers, bikers, walkers, talkers (that’s Betsi!), musicians… and more.  We love family.

We are from the East, the West, and the South.

We drink Bailey’s, vodka, rum, wine, Dubonnet, Disaronno, and water.

We cheer, “Salut, Nusdarovia (however you spell that in English)”

We never "Rush" this encounter!

The family gathers on the back deck to pose for the annual photo.

We are passionate.

And we are family.

We all have a role to play.

We just don’t know what it is yet.

Maybe we will never know – and maybe it will always shift.

But the Malloff clan… it is a family thing!

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