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  1. I read of your struggles. All it takes is one more step. I was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly cancer in 2008 and given a 20-30 percent chance of living. I underwent 11 operations in 13 months, all of the radiation I can have in my lifetime, and 2 courses of chemo. I can’t tell you how close to death I was, and I welcomed it. The prayers I received kept me going and here I am today. I have had three cancers since. One step at a time… I will add you to my prayer list as others have done for me.

    • Oh, my goodness. I’m so grateful that you read some of my posts. And so grateful that you felt comfortable sharing your battle against cancer with me too. You have had quite the time – you must be incredibly strong. How amazing it is to hear that you are still battling. I agree – one step at a time – I think 5 days in advance only. I so appreciate that you would add me to your prayer list. You are an amazing person, Victoria. So glad to get to know you better.

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