Silver Threads

Tiny bits of tinsel tumble to the ground

I look at myself in horror and realize what I’ve found

Bits of silver and bits of grey that made my healing clear

Have taken leave of my head and headed out in fear

Two more to go – two more to go

Tiny bits of tinsel tumble from my head

I wish it not to abandon ship but stay in place instead

My wig stands by upon the shelf in hope of active duty

To make me queen of the day – perhaps a wigged beauty

Two more to go – two more to go

Tiny bits of tinsel linger where I sleep

I dream at night and hope all day – my hair that I could keep

Alas it does not seem to be in the cards this day

Instead, my hair, once more it seems will soon be gone away



Two more to go – two more to go



The silver threads I may keep!

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15 thoughts on “Silver Threads

  1. Gwen K

    Never fear as fabulous as your silver locks are, they will return. Plus that wig of yours iss gorgeous. Two more times to go.

  2. What a beautiful, powerful poem.
    I’m thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Hang in there.

  3. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on one more chemo!

  4. I did 43 radiations this time last year. Open heart surgery 2006. We are still here.

  5. Oh, my goodness! Carl – not only here , but “present”. Every day is a gift.

  6. How very touching. What a brave woman you are.

  7. Beautiful and powerful poem , my dear friend With love maxima

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