mylinke skadooshnik – or something to that effect

I was shopping at Food Basics the other day and much to my delight I discovered three shopping carts full of ripened bananas.  Food Basics discounts their produce that is older, but still good, instead of throwing it out – bravo!  So – I took a cart full myself thinking I would skin then and freeze them for future muffins and breads.  An older European looking gentleman stopped me and commented, ” You must have a lot of monkeys at your house to feed!.” 

“I certainly do, ” I replied, grinning that my family really are little monkeys at times.

He commented, “my wife would be so pleased for these bananas as she will skin them and freeze them for breads and muffins.”

I said, “Well, that’s what I’m going to do with them. And good for you for looking out for your wife!”

We parted and met again later on in another isle.  He asked, “What is your ethnic origin?”

“Russian.  Why?”

He explained, “You are so friendly to speak to a stranger in a grocery store.  Do you speak Russian?” he asked in Russian. 

Since I had forgotten the word for little in Russian (and know even less) I said, “no Bolshoi – not a lot.”

He offered the word for little (pardon the spelling), “mylinke”. 

I was hit by a most overwhelming memory of my Mom who used to say to me… again… I do not spell Russian.. “mylinke skadushnik!”  I teared up – I had not heard that expression in such a long time… I explained to the gentleman that this was such a wonderful word to me and I explained why. 

We parted – I cashed out while holding back my tears until I was able to reach the silence and privacy of my van where I burst into tears.  Joy?  Likely – what a wonderful memory in such an unlikely place.

So – here’s to Food Basics – the second time that I have connected with my beloved parents in the grocery isles.  Maybe they should consider changing their name to Spiritual Basics? 

Anyhow – that day I brought home much more than groceries! 

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11 thoughts on “mylinke skadooshnik – or something to that effect

  1. OH MY GOSH! You’re mom sent you some love through him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I just got a wonderful rush of joy!

    • Yes… and then Dad visited me in my dreams. I think they are affirming their presence. Blessed I am..

      • WOW! They must be wanting to make sure you get their messages loud and clear. How exciting. 🙂 And yes, blessed.

  2. Spiritual Basics! Lovely. Such a wonderful story.

    • Ha – Even my parents know to speak to me slowly… grin. Thank-you.

      • 🙂 Is skadooshnik a term of endearment? What does it mean?

      • I don’t know – I was hoping someone would recognize the term and tell me… I think it was something endearing – as she would always grin when she said it… will have to ask my cousins this summer and will let you know…

      • Would be awesome, and fitting with your post, if it meant something like ‘my little sweet banana cupcake’ 🙂

      • I hope!

  3. What a beautiful story! It made me smile ear-to-ear!

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