Thanks for the Chat, Dad

Stacey:  Dad, its been a long time since you and I chatted. 

Dad:  Well, officially.  I know I have met you in your dreams. 

Stacey:  I visited you and Mom the other day – and David asked if I wanted to be buried in the wall.  Honestly, Dad, I did not hesitate to agree – and thought Id sure like to be close to you and Mom.  I dont think Kevin wants that final end, though, so we have some thinking to do.

Dad:  Well, dont think about it too much, Stacey, you have too much living to do to think about dying. 

Stacey:  I know, Dad.  I guess Im speaking to you today as the one-year anniversary is approaching.  Usually, we plan your garden at this time.  

Dad:  Have you planted yours yet?

Stacey:  No – but there is sure a healthy base of compost.  I cannot believe how much my family produces. 

Dad:  Remember the compost pile we had on the farm?  Your mother hated it and loved it at the same time. 

Stacey:  I do remember – I was always careful to avoid going near it.  Funny how now I really quite enjoy mucking about in it.. thinking what great tomatoes it will produce. 

Dad:  Are you going to grow popcorn?  (grin)

Stacey: No.  I was too heart-broken when I was a kid – we waited one day too long and the racoons got all of it. 

Dad:  Yes – and there were sure a lot of puffy racoons that night, eh Stace?

Stacey:  Dad, I sold the condo.  Your estate is almost wrapped up.  You and Mom have been good to all of us.  I am grateful that you were such a good money manager.  Although, I know Mom called you cheap!  Its funny to think there is no more apartment 1001 to go to.  I always went there to talk to you and Mom.  I dont have that place anymore.  It seems odd, but this blog is where I can meet you.  I think others may think me strange – but my words become clear and I feel comforted thinking you may be guiding my writing.  

Dad:  Stacey, you can write to me anytime you like.  I have always wanted to write, as you know, and I think I am finally doing what I always wanted to do through you.  Do you think that is possible?

Stacey:  Dont know, Dad.  But it sure is nice thinking you can still speak through me. 

Dad: Stacey, I think you are rambling now – so maybe it is time to call it a night. Brandy?  

Stacey:  No, I never did acquire a taste for that stuff, Dad.  But Ill pour one for you – and watch to see that it disappears in front of my eyes (grin) 

Dad:  TTFN, Stace.

Stacey:  TTFN, Dad.  Thanks for the chat. 

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15 thoughts on “Thanks for the Chat, Dad

  1. Gwendolyn Kistemaker

    Wow, a year already? We really need to get together soon.

    • Time flies, eh, Gwen? Walked by your house the other day – your garden is beginning to spring to life!

  2. A year all ready? He will always be in our hearts Stacey! But I do like when he writes through you. TTFN my friends!

    • Thank-you, Nancy. It will be a year June 27. Its funny how there are benchmarks, though, that lead up to the event. Getting ready for high school grad ceremony is one of them. I feel the date is looming… I am so honoured to have you remain as a friend, honestly. You were the first person who really connected with my Dad on-line and your comments gave him to courage to continue to tell his stories. Bless you for that! I will never forget your kindness.

      • Awe Stacey you brought a tear to my eye. I will never forget your Dad. And please never stop writing for him. He has a lot to say! God Bless my Friend!

      • I wish wordpress had a like button… or a blessings button. Thank-you.

  3. Wow……… heart warming post. I still talk to my dad too… and sometimes he talk back.. 😉

  4. A touching conversation with your dad. I could feel the blood flowing through my heart is I read this. (If that makes any sense).

    • Thanks, RoSy. Its funny how that conversation just came upon me… maybe he speaks through the keyboard! grin. Maybe he was the pilot of the conversation….

  5. A lovely conversation. The question of where we want our ashes or remains to be buried is a difficult one. I am wondering if there comes a time when we suddenly know absolutely what we want in that respect.

    • I don’t know – but I do know that everything seems to happen when it is supposed to – and in that I have developed faith.

  6. I love your dad chats. 🙂 I find them very comforting.

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