I received, to my delight, a notification from WordPress last week that this blog is now one year old.  I was shocked, not just because Ive been writing (on and off) for one year now – but to consider the context of my life one year ago and how much things have changed.

This time last year, I was sitting at the dining room table (which is now at my home) with my niece (who just purchased her own home), my Dad (who inspired this blog and has now been gone for nearly one year), eating dinner with Dads two nannies (one of whom is now in the Philippines and the other working for another client).  The condo where all this took place will be occupied by two new owners within less than a month. 

Wow.  The pace of these changes almost seems frenetic. 

In spite of the changes – there is so much that remains constant and I guess this is where I take stock and count my blessings.  I am still a wife and mother of three – I am blessed with a wonderful family.   We moved through these changes together.  We kept living, we kept growing, we kept talking, we challenged each other – and looked towards the future. 

There is truly stock in appreciating the journey – no matter how tough it may seem at the time there are so many lessons and growth spurts that can happen along the way.  Unless one pauses to reflect – to celebrate anniversaries – the journey may be lost. 

Thanks, WordPress, for that little anniversary icon you posted.  It makes a difference.  I consider your icon my Talisman that marks my journey. 

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10 thoughts on “TheTalisman

  1. I love the photograph of you and your father. Love it. Congratulations on many levels my friend! For your one year blogging anniversary. For making it through the events that followed. For sharing your trials and struggles with others (we do all need each other) and mostly for moving forward with your wonderful family to the new challenges of today and tomorrow! Best wishes for an excellent year for you and yours – and keep blogging! 🙂

    • Penny – thank-you. Funny – it just seems like such a long time ago on some occassions – and no time at all on others – I have appreciated your support throughout it all. Your words of wisdom have been like life-lines in my life. And as long as the struggles seem to have meaning – I will keep blogging – Dad would always want them to have a happy ending… that is coming soon!

      • You are sincerely welcome. Good to see you’re going to continue blogging and of course that you and your family are moving forward, in a good and loving way! Sounds exactly like what your dad would want for both the family and the blogging.

      • grin – you are so right – …

    • (not the ending, i hope – I mean the happy part! )

  2. What a pleasant surprise to open up the blog post and see Capt. Duff smiling back (in a different picture!). 🙂

    Happy anniversary. It is a nice way to help mark your journey.

    • grin.. Just figured out how to do that – one year later! Thankks – – thought maybe the time was right. TTFN

  3. Happy First Birthday/Anniversary. Your response to the anniversary is wonderful. I am guilty of a love/hate relationship with anniversaries but your story reminds me that one New Year, our minister told us to go home and enter all the birthdays and anniversaries and special events on our calendar in readiness for the New Year. That by doing this we would always be reminded of good days to come on days that weren’t going so well. These days are important and to call them talismans is just perfect.

    • What a wonderful story – and I so agree – used to dread anniversaries and celebrations myself – until they became so important. Thanks for these very precious words of wisdom – and support for the title! phew – –

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