Lifes Montage…

A daughter barely avoiding an ice storm to depart to Cuba for two weeks.

A mother sighs with relief.

A son facing an employer to launch a grievance about a colleague.

An employee who moves his skills to a higher level.

A condominium now sits empty – which once housed a home and a family.

Ready for a new family to enjoy a spectacular view.

A boy with three new shirts – new style – new trend.  Feeling pretty good.  One is pink.

A mom promises to buy more….

A student with two months to live – looking to get his English credit to finalize his grade 12.

A teacher struggles with a challenge of offering a life-altering and enriching education. 

A conversation between friends – whose concerns nearly tear them apart from one another.

A teacher who listens to mediate and moves them one step beyond the conflict.

A grieving colleague who feels neglected by staff – who immerse themselves in work.

A teacher who feels guilt – struggles to apologize.

A team of experts who offer advice to a team of experts who picked up the pieces from the first team.

A team that attempts to move forward professionally.

A proud student finally finds his footing to balance alcohol, family, and school.

A teacher who offers congratulations – and a hug.

A home that is stuffed with two homes worth of furniture.

A colleague who wants to help.

A team develops a curriculum for single parents.

A parent who needs support.

A student who attends classes in spite of illness.

A teacher who contracts that very same cold.

A husband who stands by his family.

A wife who appreciates him silently – words need to be spoken.

A week whose end seemed to never come.

A close.  It is Friday.  A sigh.  A post.  A reflection.

A montage.


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7 thoughts on “Lifes Montage…

  1. Gwen

    Please know that the montage should also include a friend who has kept you in her prayers each day.Love you.

    • OMG, Gwen. Thanks. I know you’ve been down this road before. I think of you often – and know I love ya lady!

  2. Wow. That is one full week of everything.

  3. Phew! Life sometimes spills over the edge of the canvas doesn’t it? May your weekend be blessed with refreshment and rest.

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