From Carcass to Elixir

I still remember Mom’s turkey soup.  

She’d forbid anyone from throwing anything from the carcass out.  I looked at that hacked up pile of bones and wonder how the heck anyone would ever be able to ingest anything from that mess?  It was like magic – right from the moment she added water.  It was at the very time when the water boiled with the mystery ingredients that comfort arrived.  Those Glade candle commercials – you know the ones that show a room glowing from scent – hold nothing on her soup.  

And when it was finished – it HAD to be consumed.  Of course, there was never any question that we wouldn’t eat it – but sometimes a third bowl was required or it was considered that you, “didn’t like my cooking”, were Mom’s favorite words.  

I’ve been suffering with the flu over the past few days and find myself craving her soup.  I staggered to the kitchen and dropped a carcass into a vat of water – added the required elements – simmered and voila.  My soup was good – but it was not delivered to me by the hand of my Mom.  

And that makes all the difference.  It was never the turkey soup that smelled so good – it was the warmth from her soul that nurtured us and soothed us  back to health growing up.  There is no medicine you can buy that works as well as my Mom’s loving service to her family.  

I think Monday mornings need a little bit of Mom’s elixir to make them less like the carcass of the week-end and more like the soup that soothes the soul!     


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20 thoughts on “From Carcass to Elixir

  1. Amen to that. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I think you just made your mom very happy! 🙂

  3. You said it – Sometimes it takes that special someone to add the extra umph.
    Glad you tried it though & had her visit your heart in his special way.
    Get well soon.

    May your mom continue to RIP. {Hugs}

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Sending healing wishes…



    No matter how I try, my kids still prefer Gram’s turkey soup. Not sure what makes it so special – I try to make mine with love and care too.

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  6. Hope you feel better soon. No matter how I try, I just can’t add a pinch of this, and a sprinkle of that and come up with the same aromas and taste that mom’s soup from carcass and left overs had.

    • Feeling much better, thanks! I think it has something to do with “parents can do wrong” – when you remember them and they are no longer around. While they were there telling you what to do – or grounding you for this or that … different story! grin. Thanks for the note!

  7. Lovely post. Guess this is where the term “comfort food” must have come from. Hope you’re on the mend!

    • Absolutely – and thanks… the soup did do the trick. Thanks for reading the post – nice to know more people know about Mom’s Elixir!

  8. When I haven’t a leftover carcass, I buy a couple pounds of turkey necks. Works pretty well.

    • Good idea! I would say that’s using your head – but I’d be sticking my neck out….. (sorry – couldn’t resist the puns)

  9. Tina Liu

    I just feel all warm inside from reading this 😀

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