That was then and this is now…

I am still intrigued with the notion of forwards and backwards.

I know this theme is repetitive from yesterday’s post – but I would like to take a moment to reflect on the concept once again. ( You knew it was coming!)

What if I were to construct my posts according to then and now?  How would that look?  Here’s a sample of what “could be”.

Looking Back:  It seems that a lot of my childhood time was spend outdoors.  My parents were very strong environmentalists – before their time.   Dad was a farmer at heart and during the summer would pride himself in stirring the compost pile that sat beside his 1/2 acre garden.  At the time I thought it was disgusting and avoided at all costs the trip to the compost pile to empty the organic kitchen scraps.  Oh, the stench!  But Dad knew that a good pitch fork to add oxygen to the pile would keep the smell in check.  I often now think about Robert Service’s poem:  Ode to a wee mouse and wonder how many plans of the mice Dad had interrupted by stirring their inevitable home?

Now:  My husband and I keep five composters in our back yard.  They are the ones that can be turned to aerate.  We faithfully collect kitchen scraps and still reluctantly take the trip to dump the scraps into the composter.  No matter how many turns they get, however, they still smell.  But each spring, they get emptied into my garden.  And with pride, I mix the soil and wonder how the heck Dad was able to keep 1/2 acre free from weeds as my little backyard garden is plagued by weeds!  I love to garden and burst with pride when I carry in tomatoes, potatoes, and zucchini to the kitchen.

Looking Back:  The winter was a time of magic and wonder when I was a child.  Mom would always talk about the beauty of a snow-filled forest.  And it really was spectacular when the snow stuck to the branches and created a delicate veil.  Day in and day out, Mom and I would click into our cross-country skis and “do the loop” out the back door, through the woods, through the field and back to the house.  Our cheeks would be rosy and our spirits lifted by the beauty of nature.

Today:  My family and I just created our own little loop – out the back door, around the pond, over the bridge, and home.  We returned with rosy cheeks and lifted spirits.  The woods were so beautiful and the snow so crisp!  What a joy it was to take “my” family and friends out to enjoy something I remembered so fondly from my own childhood.

Maybe the joy we experienced in the woods today and in the garden in the summer were shared by those who live on in our hearts and memories?  Maybe they come alive when we remember the joys of childhood?  Whatever it is – there is definitely something to be said about living for today with the spirits and joys of “then”.

Mom and Marion out to do the loop

Mom and Marion out to do the loop


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10 thoughts on “That was then and this is now…

  1. wish you a happy and prosperous 2013

  2. Wilma

    I was out in the snow yesterday too, minus the skis 🙂 I took the dogs to the conservation area (along with my camera as usual) … it was beautiful, got some great shots of the dogs as well as the snow on the pines and the long grasses waving in the crisp sunny air … came home with rosy cheeks and two very tired dogs! I have learned to like winter .. a bit! Happy New Year to you, your family and friends … I will be remembering years past tonight! Enjoy!

    • So good to hear that you are trying to develop a relationship with winter and appreciating it too! I must confess that my muscles are a bit sore today.

      Happy New Year’s to you and crew too!

      Old: polar bear dips
      New: Hot tubs

  3. I enjoyed your back and forth continuation. Yesterday another blogger mentioned cross country skiing and I told her that I now need to try it. I did not care at all for downhill skiing that I tried once. Which was more than plenty. Now here I am, second day in a row….. about cross country skiing. I think the blogosphere is telling me I should do it. 🙂

    • I believe you are right – but be cautioned – the ski uses different muscles than usual – the end result … well… feeling a little “older” than I should today. Go for it – oh what fun! Thanks for the comments about the continuum.

      • You’re welcome, and thanks for the advice. I like the idea of using some different muscles. I have no idea how to get started. And today a friend of mine out of the blue was talking about her cross country skiing. It is obviously something I am supposed to try! 😉

  4. Happy New Year, with thoughts of a poor dirt farmer from Vesper Twp. and family.

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