And through Martin, I now hear Dad’s words.

High Flight

My father always said that when you die, if you can count the number of good friends on one hand, you were one of the lucky ones.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with family and friends.  I don’t think there was a single week-end on the farm when friends didn’t drop by for a visit.  Of course the Triple – B (bonfire, body-builder, and billy burgers) probably helped influence that drop-in visit, but nonetheless – they came. I’ll have to include the pool on that list – but it wasn’t part of the Triple-B! (wink)

It seems that the older one gets, the less visitors one has.  I guess it’s difficult to understand me sometimes as it isn’t as easy to articulate as it once was for me.  I was known for my songs, bagpipes (which were instantly produced by plugging your nose, tilting your head backwards, and…

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  1. Martin Langmuir

    Many fond memories of those afternoon visits to share a glass or two of body-builder and chat about whatever was happening or tell old stories. Conversation always got easier after the first glass and my visits always seemed to bring a smile to Bill’s face as captured in the photo.
    These visits were interrupted when we went to Mexico in the winter.Now you have to remember that Bill was born in the days of the Model T car and if you wer lucky, you had a telephone that was a wooden box on the wall with a crank handle on the side to get the operator and a 3 foot cord to the handset to talk to another person. So you can imagine the expression on his face when with the aid of our current technology (and his IT support staff), there we were chatting face to face, I’m at a beach bar in Mexico and Bill is watching a snow storm out the window in Barrie. So I was still able to have my regular visits even though I was thousands of miles away.

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