Dad – where are YOU???

Where are you?

Why aren’t you answering the phone?

Dad, I have so much to tell you about my day today!

I called you  – but no one answered the phone.

Dad, I know you were only a phone call away.

Where are you?

Why did you not answer?

Dad, I love my students – they are so challenging – but you would love the stories.

I called you – but no one answered the phone.

Dad, I thought you said you were only a phone call away?

Where ARE you?

Why did you not answer?

Dad, you would enjoy hearing about the students.  I DID have to remove a student from my class today – but she is so amazing – I don’t know her story yet – but I know I will admire her for overcoming her adversities.

I called you  – but no one answered the phone.

Dad, I feel like you are so close – but so far.

Where ARE YOU?

Why did you not answer?

Dad – you would love these stories – to whom do I tell them?

I called you.

You didn’t answer.

Are you there?  Will you listen tonight? Were you with me today?

Dad – you didn’t answer.

Are you okay?


I’ll call again tomorrow.


Hope everything is okay.

You were always there…

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7 thoughts on “Dad – where are YOU???

  1. Tell US your stories. And your parents will hear them in the telling of them. He would want you to keep telling your stories, don’t you think?

    • This is my third attempt to create a response to you that I’m happy with. I never edit my work (you probably guessed that..? grin) … “yes”. He would want that. Thank-you. Perhaps I’ll be able to articulate something this week-end. It’s difficult – I know you know. Bless you.

      • I will wait, for whenever you’re ready to tell your stories. I know we aren’t substitutes for your dad. But I bet you find joy in putting them here, where you started this with him. 🙂 I do know.

  2. Oh Stacey – This is so touching. If only our loved ones in heaven would pick up the phone. Something tells me we have a direct line & we just don’t know it. I have a feeling he hears you through your heart.

    • Maybe – I just wish I could hear him… maybe my ears are not finely tuned enough – or my heart. I feel like I SHOULD hear him, RoSy. Thanks. Got the hug.

  3. Hearing those on the other side is not the same as hearing them here. Their answers will be the cold breeze on a hot day, or the unusual bird or butterfly that show up in an odd time/place. Look for the odd stuff as that is where you will hear him. And we would love to hear about your day and by telling us he will also hear.


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