What are you worried about?

Stacey:  Dad, you should read some of the facebook messages my students sent me.

Dad:  Oh?

Stacey:  Yeah – I am flattered.  But humbled.

Dad:  Did you kick these kids out of class?

Stacey:  Maybe.  But they came around.

Dad:  So – what do you suppose made the difference?

Stacey:  Faith.  I had faith in them – like you and Mom had faith in me.   Dad, everyone needs a cheer-leader.

Dad:  I hope your Mother and I were your cheer-leaders.

Stacey:  Seriously, Dad?  Anything I wanted to do – you supported… eventually.

Dad:  Your mother was much better at it than I was…

Stacey:  She was a softer sell, Dad.  You had to hold the purse strings and I had an expensive diet!

Dad:  You sure did! And your mother was often upset that I didn’t let you do more.

Stacey:  I think you taught me the reality of life, though, Dad.  Sometimes it was good that you said, “no”.

Dad:  Your mother didn’t think so.

Stacey:  No, but if you didn’t say no I would have had to support you in your old age – and as it turns out – you remained very independent.

Dad:  Well, I tried.

Stacey:  Dad, I really appreciate that you were never a burden to me.  You were   wise beyond your years – grin –

Dad:  How do your students manage without parents?

Stacey:  They adopt me – and essentially because I have you – they adopt you too.  They love it when you come to speak – or attend on Remembrance Day, Dad.  They missed Mom this year – – and I guess you won’t be here this year either.

Dad:  Well, no.  But, Stacey, you know what to do.

Stacey:  I have lots of stories to tell, Dad.  Maybe I’ll tell one or two of your stories.

Dad:  Do you think they’ll fall asleep?

Stacey:  Dad!  Of course not – unless it’s a story that I wrote on your behalf.

Dad:  Well, in any case, as much as I like talking to you – you need to go.. and get ready for tomorrow.

Stacey:  I’m ready. I was born ready, Dad.

Dad:  Ha – Will you sleep?

Stacey:  No.  But that’s okay – I’ll sleep tomorrow night.

Dad:  What are you worried about?

Stacey:  I don’t know.  It’s just different this year.   You aren’t here.

Dad:  Stacey – I’m here.  You can talk to me any time you like.

Stacey:  Dad, people will think I’m crazy.

Dad:  So?

Stacey:  So – – well, I guess I’m talking to you now…

Dad:  Good luck tomorrow, Stacey.  TTFN

Stacey:  TTFN, Dad.  I’ll be thinking of you, tomorrow.

Dad:  And I’ll be thinking of you.  Love you, Stace.

Stacey:  Love you too, Dad.


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2 thoughts on “What are you worried about?

  1. All will be ok. As you know – you dad & your mom – will be right there with you. {Hugs}

  2. Have a great day today. You’ve got cheerleaders every where. 🙂

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