To Whom it May Concern: Applying for the Position of “Teacher”

To whom it may concern:

I am applying for the position of “Teacher – Adult Learning Facility”.

I am entering into my 23rd year of teaching and, still, every year the night before classes begin I am a nervous wreck.  My stomach is in knots and I do not sleep.  Well, I guess I do sleep,= somewhat as my dreams are always of the same nature: I am completely lost standing at the front of the class and struggle to figure out what it is that I’m trying to accomplish.   The students either sleep or walk out.  Egad.  I guess my dreams are night-mares.  This is an annual happening even though I’ve been teaching for So long.

Why do I keep applying?  I love teaching.  It is one of the most rewarding jobs I could ever think of.  Teaching is the only job where you have the opportunity to “learn” everyday.  Of course, the job I’m to do is to “teach” but I have always clung to the notion that, “to teach is to learn twice”.

Teaching is such a rewarding profession.  There are challenges, I’ll admit.  Without these challenges, however, the job would be pretty dull and boring.  Adversity is the best teacher.  I learned that from my students.

I learned how to be resilient from my students.  It was because of the resilience I saw in them, that I was able to come back to work after the trauma of losing Mom.  I thought, if my students can survive broken relationships, addictions, abuse, poverty, trauma, mental health challenges, learning challenges… so can I.

I learned to embrace other cultures from my students.  Cussing is a language.  Tatoos are a language.  Piercings are a language.  I did not speak this language until I began working adult students.  I thank them for enlightening me, for helping me understand so that I do not condemn.

When I am teaching, I feel exhilarated.  I sometimes am even so bold as to think I can make a real contribution.  With only a little encouragement from me – students can find their talent, have confidence in their talent, and delight in their ability to use their talent.  In this case, I am a cheer-leader.  I am sometimes their biggest, loudest cheer-leader.  “Find your passion!”, I say.  “Love what you do.”, I say.  “Live deliberately.”, I encourage.  “Be purposeful.”, I advise.

Still, I have learned students who are much wiser, innovative, and capable to make decisions than I ever have been.  I have learned from students who were older, younger, and with far more life experience than I’ll ever have.  I have learned from  students who were able to juggle a job, children, addiction, problematic relationships, and money challenges all the while attending school with dedication and ability.   And all the while, I was supposed to be the teacher.

I sincerely hope that you will keep an open mind when considering me for this position of adult-education-teacher.  Give me a try.  I come to you with experience, a most sincere heart and a passion for learning.

Yours very truly,


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9 thoughts on “To Whom it May Concern: Applying for the Position of “Teacher”

  1. I like that you’re a nervous wreck. When I read that I interpreted it as “excited”. Who wants to be bored about teaching? I always told my martial arts students if they think they have something down pat, and they think they know it well, then they need to teach it to someone else, so they can see how well they really know it. 🙂

    • You bet! Although my students don’t always like that they have to teach – I provide them with ample opportunities to do so – – sounds like we “teach” the same way! Bravo. And yes, I guess its excited – with a lot of nervous energy.

  2. My best to you & your students as the new school year kicks off…

  3. Janine Baines

    You are an amazing teacher. Have a good day.

  4. Second to parents, teachers hold the most important job on the planet because they shape the future – our children.

    My hat is off to you!

    • Oh, good grief. That’s way too much pressure – but sometimes the line between parent and student is blurred – even with my “adult” students. And I am grateful that my parents were always such great role models and cheer-leaders for me.

  5. Alice

    I love adult learners. Hard to write a classified advertisement for teacher, isn’t it

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