Tic-tic-tic. Ssssslide




“This is so cool.”

“Katya you are so lucky you have a type-writer!”


For the very wise blogger (Chatter Master, RoSy? Notsofancynancy?) who advised me to use the type-writer as a conversation piece, I say to you… “Thanks!”.

How very weird is it that the same instrument I used to write my high school biology reports is now this object of wonder.

“It’s weird because you have to press the keys down so far.”, said Ben (my oldest son)

“Does it ding?”, asked my daughter, Katya.

“What is it?”, asked my youngest son, David.

How very weird is it that the same instrument I used to write my English essays is now a finger magnet?

“Can we get new tape for it?”

“Does it work?”

What is it about this type-writer that attracts so many young people?  Funny how seeing the direct results of your digital motions striking a key can produce some kind of mark that seems to be so much more concrete than a computer screen can delight.  Maybe it is the tactile nature of the keyboard?  Maybe seeing how the tiny letter blocks that strike the ribbon and leave an imprint on the page is something that actually makes sense!

Whatever the reason, Mom’s computer – that she got from her father – is a hit.

So, it will stay in the living-room for a while longer.  The paper will remain as an invitation to, “go ahead – hit me!” with a key strike.

And I will look for new ribbon.

What a hoot.  Strike that- what a hit! 

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14 thoughts on “Tic-tic-tic. Ssssslide

  1. Fabulous – Definitely a keeper!
    Happy Friday 🙂

  2. Alice

    I love it–good finger exercise too! Ding!

  3. Just don’t buy any white out 😛

  4. Oh how FUN!

  5. Jamie

    I remember cursing the macabre item from the house of horrors. As Murphy would have it that is a direct and inverse relationship between the urgency of the assignment you wee typing and how many times it fouled keys, twisted the ribbon, stuck on the return … I’m thinking boat anchor … After encasing it in concrete of course

  6. It wasn’t me! But I remember reading it and loving the idea. I am happily jealous you have this wonderful gift. There is nothing like the sound of the clicking typewriter. 🙂

    • Well – unless it becomes a “sensation” with your children and your children’s friends and so on… I think my keys are becoming frazzled. (how do you make that happy face, anyhow?)

      • 🙂 The happy face symbol. Press “shift” and the colon button and then shift and the RIGHT side of the “parenthesis” button. If you push the LEFT side it gives you the frown face.

        I hope you children et al “like” the typewriter but don’t like it to pieces!

  7. UpDate: the type-writer has died another death in favour of the computer.. egad.

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