If Hats Could Talk: An Ode to The Straw Wonder

The Hat

It sat for many years upon a lightly “haired” head.

It heard the brum-brum-brum of Dad’s chainsaw deep in the woods.

It drank the sweat that ran from Dad’s brow as he planted potatoes in the blaring sun.

It shielded Dad from blow after blow from anxious and frustrated deer-flies that knew they were close to a fresh meal but just couldn’t figure out how to get it.  The powerful blow from a raised hat that swiped the air was never enough to deter the voracious winged predators.

It bore witness to the  screams the acres of raspberries directed towards Dad,  “Prune me, feed me, till me, pick me!”.

It smelled the maple that curled up and around Dad’s head as he smoked a batch of Billy Burgers for week-end guests.

It yielded to the grasp of Dad’s hand as he ventured out the back door of the house on the farm, hell-bent on beating those, “damned potato – bugs”.

It rested quietly on the shelf of the cedar closet Dad built for mom on the farm. 

It pines for Dad now on my sofa.

It beckons to Dad to be worn.

It pleads with me to not leave the family.

It sits.

It waits.

It sleeps – maybe even dreams.

It hats could talk… I know it would have tales to tell.


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10 thoughts on “If Hats Could Talk: An Ode to The Straw Wonder

  1. You are a lovely writer Stacey – keep them coming

  2. Wonderful, heartfelt post.

    • Thank-you. Thank-you, Laurie. It’s easy to feel one’s heart when it is so threaded into the fibres of one’s memory!

  3. Most people would see that & say – It’s just a hat.
    Well – you just told us otherwise. A beautiful post!

    • Thank-you, Laurie. It’s easy to feel one’s heart when it is so threaded into the fibres of one’s memory!

    • Thank-you for seeing beyond the “hat” too! It is wonderful to find others who are willing to take a second look at life… TTFN

  4. I think that very hat that sat
    Upon the head of your dad
    Should sit upon your head
    And make you both very glad.

    🙂 Cheesy but it’s wonderful that these things mean so much to you. I can still put my father’s plaid green coat on and smell him all these years later. Whether the smell is there or not, I know it kept him warm, dry (yay wool!) and it did the same for me.

    • I love cheese – how did you know? Cool. Thanks for taking the time and effort to rhyme! I so relate to the smell – how neat is it that we can still “smell ” our parents. Is that a good thing? Of course it is … Thanks so much for your eternally thoughtful and cheerful feedback! TTFN

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