The Wool Blanket Makes A Recovery

Today was my first “real” day of emptying out the condo.

The easiest method, I have discovered, is to package the “things” up, bring them home, and then make decisions about destinations of the “things” from the front hall – where everything sits.

Here are some of my questions that I grappled with today… what do I do with…

– the wool blanket that Mom so carefully packaged in a “space saver” bag so that it would not occupy too much room in her tiny linen closet and not be eaten by moths;

– the Russian doll ornaments that my cousin sent to Mom and Dad for Christmas one year from Russia;

– the apron that Mom used as a template to teach my daughter Katya how to sew;

– the tea spoon rack full of souvenir teaspoons from all of Mom and Dad’s travels;

– the sweater that Dad wore with holes in the arms that coined his handle, “Poor Dirt Farmer” (okay, truthfully, I know what to do with that one!!!!)

–  the spoon set that was given to “Mr. and Mrs. Duff” to thank them for their service to the Cold Lake community;

– the Legion magazines that Mom so lovingly ordered and Dad so purposefully read to keep up-to-date on Legion-related news;

– the books that were dedicated to Dad from Mom and from Uncle Bill to Mom, and from Dad to Mom, and from … you get the picture;

– the jar of pickling spices that Mom used to make her wonderful pickles;

– the old type-writer that was Grandpa Malloff’s with which I used to learn to type;

– the commemorative plates for Mom and Dad’s 40th, 50th, and 60th, wedding anniversaries?

The list goes on.

And so they sit – in my front hall waiting for their final verdict.  And I am in no hurry – the rest of my family may have a different opinion – but for now – they sit and wait …

Today the condo moved from “there” to “here”.  Dad kept flickering the light.  I just wish I had established with him what the code meant!

Meanwhile – off to see a movie on a big outdoor screen in downtown Barrie.  I think I’ll bring the big wool blanket as tonight is expected to be rather cool… thanks Mom.


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10 thoughts on “The Wool Blanket Makes A Recovery

  1. Alice

    You know, I donated a lot of my parents items to the theater departments o local colleges. they were thrilled with vintage props, and I was glad they found new life in places I loved.

    • That’s a great idea. I love the thought that there was a place that appreciated your parents things as much as you did. And the prospect of finding such a loving home is comforting to me. Merci!

  2. I say keep the vintage typewriter & use it as a conversation piece in a room.
    Schools like to use things for art – depending on what you have too.
    Are pickling jars the same as Mason Jars? If so – I recently saw this on another blog that I follow:

    • Hmmm – a conversation piece it just may be – I”ll try that and let you know what happens – seriously.

      And Mason jars/ pickling jars – yes. I will check out the link.

      It seems there are many cool places where I may donate my items.

      Thanks, as always, RoSy, for your thoughtful feed-back.

  3. I don’t have answers for you. But I so appreciate and respect that you question, because you know the worth and value.

    • Ha – what an interesting observation. I wrote a post this morning about Dad’s hat and now that the story is out there the hat has almost “worn” a place in my own soul. I thought if I wrote posts about the things and their memories that maybe I could let them go more easily. We’ll see – we’ll see. Thanks for your input. Time will tell.

  4. Take your time. When in doubt ….. hold on to it. You can always pass it on “later”, but you can’t get it back if you regret your decision. Be patient with yourself.

    • Such wise advice. Thank-you for taking time to offer some insight. And you are so right. Thanks too for dropping by! TTFN (ta-ta-for-now, Dad would say – never good-bye)

  5. I took some of my parents smaller saved heirlooms and made a wall mounted collage out of them,

    • Hey, I did the same of my Dad’s Air Force things… it is a work of art – actually it was done by an artist. I love it – how cool you did the same thing. We’ll have to share photos.

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