A Sign?

Dad said, “I’ll make the light flicker”. 

At the condo two nights ago – all alone – I turned on Dad’s light – and the light flickered.  

I said, “Dad, is that you?”

He “flickered”.

I said, “Dad, that’s you isn’t it?”

He “flickered”.

I thought, “is the light bulb screwed in tightly?”.

I checked – it was tight. 

I thought, “Maybe the bulb is about to burn out.”

I changed the bulb – and there was no more flicker. 

What do I make of that… I had changed the bulb two months previously… am I looking too hard?  


I know you are with me.. bulb or no bulb.  


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10 thoughts on “A Sign?

  1. This made me tear up. I think he’s there with you, too. 🙂

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one with tears – and fears – isn’t there a band with that name? (grin) Thank-you.

  2. Tears here too and yes I believe you have your sign. The way I understand it maybe he had enough energy to play with the old bulb but when you changed it all his energy was drained. I am just saying, I believe!


    • Hmm – well – it was rather odd as the bulb was not that old. I had changed it only a month ago… I was just so sure he was there. I even chatted out loud with him. Didn’t write that in detail on this post in case people thought I was “nuts”.

      • No I would never think you are nuts because I DO believe it was him!

        My friend who died recently keeps visiting in butterfly form. When his daughter was here from Colorado we were sitting out in the shade and this same type of butterfly came floating through between us almost landing on her. I know it was her dad! I keep seeing the same butterfly in odd places, like the one that got in the house, very odd. Bravo to your Dad for his visit.

  3. This may be your Pennies from Heaven….. Remember?

  4. I’d lik eto think that my lost loved ones send me signs sometimes. My favorites are when they appear in my dreams.
    May they rest in peace.

    • I SO agree. Although sometimes I “miss” that they are in my dreams and am left with only the feeling that they were there – if that makes sense?

      • Makes complete sense. I wake up happy about it & within seconds realty hits.

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