Mom’s Morning Prayer

Wow.  I found it.  For such a long time I have wondered where the poem went.

I bought a framed poem for my Mom probably 15 years ago in Ottawa.  It spoke to me and said, “HEY, Stacey!  This is all about your Mom!  Buy me!”.

And needless to say, I bought it.

The poem, by J. Lemming so reminded me of how Mom used to love the sunrise.  As a child I would lay in bed (okay, as a teen) and listen to her clanging pots and pans in the kitchen ..bright and early.  She was up before anyone else – to enjoy the peace and quiet.  I think there were times when she was up even before the birds.  Soon, I’d smell the bacon or morning treat cooking.  Wow.  If that smell doesn’t get you up – nothing will.  And so, without saying a word to us, my brother, Dad and I were up and sitting at the breakfast table with Mom.  Her companion had been the rising sun all morning.  She’d say to us, “Good morning, what a beautiful day!”  And this would be whether it was raining, snowing, blowing, or some other form of nasty weather.  And then she’d quote one of her favorite stories, “It was a lovely day and Dinky Duck was happy.”.  Now, I had never read Dinky Duck, but I think this was a main staple for my brother.  Mom loved the morning.  Mom loved the morning.

Now, every morning when I get up I look to the sunrise and wish Mom a “good-morning”.  It gives me comfort and reassures me that Mom is with me… especially when my family and I are on vacation in Myrtle Beach where  the sun rises over the ocean.  The sunrise, it seems, is sole possession of my Mom.  I hung the poem I bought her right beside my bed so that when I wake up in the morning, I am reminded of the beauty of a sunrise.  And I am reminded that I can soon expect to see Mom in the day’s rising sun.

For your reading pleasure, here is …

“Mom’s Morning Prayer”.

“Early in the morning

When the sun begins to rise,

I thank God for His


As I pray for sunny skies.

So sacred is the morning

As I kneel to say a Prayer

I am thankful for

God’s Presence

In my life, His love to share”

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14 thoughts on “Mom’s Morning Prayer

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chatter Master

    I love this prayer. Never read it or heard it before. Thank you!

    • I don’t even know if it is a prayer – and truthfully – found it in a discount store. Funny the things you find at the “right moment”. Loved your post today, btw. And loved the after-post even more… you have some wonderful followers! What a treat to read!

      • Chatter Master

        Well thank you!!!

        And you certainly found something meaningful, even if it was discounted! 🙂 Oh wait, it wasn’t discounted after you and your mom’s value was placed on it. 🙂

      • Ha – you are so very right!

  3. It’s so cool when that happens, finding that something special, like the beautiful poem for your mom. Makes the day wistful but a little brighter too!

    • Indeed. There were lots of “wistful” moments today (good word!) and … how COOL that your hubby proposed to you through Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I am enjoying the vision I enjoying now about your engagement. How utterly and hopelessly romantic. Bravo.

    • Okay – so I’ve confused you with Chatter Master – and it was “HER ” hubby who proposed with Browning – sorry about that – but how nice, eh?

  4. I recently blogged about a bday card I have from my brother who passed away almost 10 years ago. How precious to find a memento that reminds of of our loved ones.

    • Yes, yes, yes. My Mom kept ALL of her cards. One of the toughest things I have had to do is to decide whether to keep her old cards or recycle them. I read them all one by one and make each decision with care.

  5. I love it!

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