Firsts.. for the Second Time..

Today is the first time ..

  • I’ve wished my oldest son, Happy Birthday, Ben! through a post…
  • I’ve made Ben escargots for breakfast
  • I’ve changed Mom’s recipe for cauliflower soup to suit my health-crazed daughter (that’s also the last time I’ll change it..)
  • I’ve recognized how birthdays, as you age, can be opportunities
  • I’ve been able to catch up on these posts
  • I’ve sat under the gazebo this summer and had the morning dew drip on my back
  • I’ve heard “Dad’s songbird” sing in the garden and not had him try to whistle the tune back to the bird
  • I’ve realized that I’m holding onto Mom and Dad’s condo for sentimental sake
  • I’ll shop for groceries in my 50th year
  • I’ve weighed so much in my life.. other than being pregnant – too much celebrating so far this summer
  • My parents have not called my child on the occasion of his birthday
  • I’ve spelled occasion correctly for the first time
  • I’ve seriously considered my ability to retire from teaching in five years
  • I’ve rooted for a country to win a beach volleyball game (I’ve not really ever been a fan  – just no exposure till now)

But, should I be granted the gift of tomorrow and tomorrow, it will not be the first time..

  • I will enjoy the company of my husband and children
  • I will be served a morning coffee by my husband
  • I will sip my coffee under the gazebo with my husband
  • I will cry over coffee about my parents
  • I will smile over coffee about my parents
  • I will rejoice in my family
  • I will wish my oldest son a wonderful birthday!
  • I will prepared something “odd” for my son to eat as per his birthday request.
  • I wish all of you some very happy firsts – may these bear repeating.

And once again, “TTFN”

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2 thoughts on “Firsts.. for the Second Time..

  1. Alice

    Wonderful first ocasions…occassions…well, you know…

  2. I love how you both approach life as a series of firsts, may you both have many more. I’ll stop by occasionally to see whats new.

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