Leroy Brown…

Just when you think you have escaped the music you didn’t like – a funny think happens.  A gentle wind breezes by (thanks Alice) and melts the ice so that you can feel again.  I used to “hate” this song.  I used to also hate “Snowbird” by Anne Murray. But – it is funny how music can evoke such emotions to help you rise above your own and appreciate it for another value.  Leroy Brown was one of Dad’s favorite songs to dance to – now, Mom never like it – FYI – but I still remember Dad swinging his arms and feet in tune to this music.  Hope you enjoy – I know I never did until I lost the one who appreciated it most.. and now.. well.. I sang along to it today.   Please don’t hate me. (grin)  TTFN!

Well the South side of Chicago

Is the baddest part of town
And if you go down there
You better just beware
Of a man named Leroy Brown

Now Leroy more than trouble
You see he stand ’bout six foot four
All the downtown ladies call him Treetop Lover
All the men just call him Sir


And it’s bad, bad Leroy Brown
The baddest man in the whole damned town
Badder than old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog

Now Leroy he a gambler
And he like his fancy clothes
And he like to wave his diamond rings
In front of everybody’s nose
He got a custom Continental
He got an Eldorado too
He got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun
He got a razor in his shoe

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Friday ’bout a week ago
Leroy shootin’ dice
And at the edge of the bar
Sat a girl named Doris
And oo that girl looked nice
Well he cast his eyes upon her
And the trouble soon began
Cause Leroy Brown learned a lesson
Bout messin’ with the wife of a jealous man

(Repeat Chorus)

Well the two men took to fighting
And when they pulled them off the floor
Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
With a couple of pieces gone

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2 thoughts on “Leroy Brown…

  1. I love this song! lol

  2. Jim Duff

    Snowbird … Ack!
    It’s all YOUR FAULT!!!
    I can’t get that ….. SONG out of my head!
    Argh! My head is exploding!!!

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