Finding my Purpose

I made it through the night.

My daughter slept at my feet and my nannies took turns helping with my meds. I have no pain.

I wish this kind of exit from this world for others.

My birth seemed to be more difficult.  I was so small that no one expected me to live.  My aunt put me in a shoe-box and put me in the oven to keep warm.  Imagine.  Over ninety years now I’ve been down off the shelf and living – really living.

My last few years have forced me to be so much more contemplative.  I have listened and hope that I have helped to make people happy.

My daughter and I used to have a lot of sleep-overs in the latter years.  She and David or she and Katya, or she and Ben would come and have a “party” with me on a Friday night.  That would give my nannies a chance for  a REAL week-end.  Stacey and I would talk about our new situation without Paula.  We talked about my purpose.  I needed to know my purpose in life.  Why was I the one who stayed?  I was always the one who was ill – not Paula. I think I concluded that Paula had done enough.  She was tired.  She nursed her whole life and especially me during the last few years.  She needed a rest.

My purpose – I concluded was to make people happy. I hope that I’ve succeeded.  My daughter seems to think I  have.  I have always been so appreciative of the help that people have given to me in my “golden” years.  Without the help of my care-givers I would not have been able to maintain my dignity.  I hope they know how much I have appreciated them.  I tried to tell them.  I tried to help bring families together – to offer what words of wisdom I could and I tried to bring people dignity.  Always forgive.

And smile.

It is time to rest.  I’ll write more today to let you know my progress … and hopefully to make you smile.


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2 thoughts on “Finding my Purpose

  1. Gerry & Dorothy Houtzager

    Dear Bill, Stacey and Family,
    To let you know we are thinking of you always and wish you all strengh these days.
    You are a wonderful family and have shared your love and good times with so many of us which we are always greatful for. …Your writing Stacey is touching and Heartfelt. We Love you…Gerry & Dorothy

  2. Donna Langman

    I think you may have nailed it! I think it is all about loving people, which you have certainly done well. Thanks for another smile!

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