All’s Calm on the Home Front

It’s calm.  My breathing is rhythmic and familiar.  Moments, I pause.  I know they draw close to check what will happen next.  Will I breathe?  Will I?  And finally – I do.

My body is calm.  The morphine has helped me to be still.

The Lord is my Shepherd… I shall not want.  I have never wanted for anything.  I have lived my life a man blessed with family and friends.  And it seems to continue till when I draw my final breath.

But it is not my final breath yet.

I hear people speaking.  “I love you, Dad”, they say.  “I love you, Poppa”, they say, “I love you Grandpa”, they say… and they say, “I love you Bill”.  What they heck.  They all love me?  What did I do?

It’s calm.  I sleep.

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2 thoughts on “All’s Calm on the Home Front

  1. Sending prayers your way Mr. Duff!

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