And then there were four…

I’ll bet you are curious why I’ve chosen this title for this post?  Any man would be so lucky to have one beautiful woman in a bedroom – but I – had four of them today!

As you may know by now, I live at home with two live-in-nannies, and have 8 other care-givers doting on me (including my daughter).  As a result, I am still living in my own home and am receiving excellent care.

This morning, I woke up during shift change – so, naturally, there were two lovely ladies.  In addition, Mely (a former care-giver) had come for a visit – and my daughter dropped by after church.  Yes – I awoke to four ladies in my bedroom.  I thought for sure I was dreaming.  What man wouldn’t?

In any case, it didn’t last – people went home and life carried on as it will.  I think to myself, “I wonder if tomorrow I will wake up to five ladies?”  Yes, life is good.  Eat your hearts out, gentlemen!

Time for wine.  Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “And then there were four…

  1. Cheers! If I was there I would join them!

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