High Flight

It is difficult to imagine that it has been one year since this blog post was made – I recall Dad was not well, but still , I did not believe that he would only live another two weeks or so… what a man he was – courageous. It was a very difficult decision to give him the freedom to choose to fly for the last time – how silly when I think of it now – but a year ago I was so desperate to have Dad live forever… I did not once consider quality over quantity — ha! Anyhow – on this, this occasion of his 92nd birthday – I wish to repost this blog post – happy birthday, Dad. I still love you. – Stacey

Well, it’s official:  I am 91.

I really never expected to even out-live my wife and yet, here I am. 

It is a beautiful morning – the sun is shining and the sky is clear.  It is indeed a good day for a high flight.  And a flight is what my son is giving to me. 

Last year was quite a celebration. My family arranged a wonderful open house for me.  There were so many people that came to help me celebrate – I was embarrased and thrilled at the same time.  It was the first birthday I had celebrated without my wife and so I must admit it was rather bitter sweet.  I was so grateful to everyone (nearly 150 friends and family) who helped me ring in my 9th decade.  There was music, food, dance, and of course, wine.

The day after this party, my son took me up in a plane.  It was a little Cessna that flew out of the Oro Airport.  What a flight!  The weather was much like it is today.  We flew over the farm, New Lowell, Kempenfelt Bay, and Barrie.  Spectacular.  The pilot even let me take the “stick” for a while and commented how “we old pilots seem to have the magic touch”.  I don’t know if he was actually terrified or truthfully impressed.  My daughter joked that I went into the air as a 90 year old and came down as a 70-year old. 

So – this year – I don’t know how old I’ll be when I arrive back on the terra firma. 

One of the nicest gifts I could get, though, was the opportunity to see my grand-son, Ben, graduate from high school.   Ben attends a French school and wouldn’t you know it – the entire ceremony was in French.  So, the Dancing Nannies and I watched and laughed when others laughed.  I didn’t understand a word.  Still, when Ben was called forward for an award, my heart swelled.  That’s my boy!  Paula would have been proud.  I found out later the award was for “Most Continuous and Genuine Respect”.  Wow.  What an honour.  I went home with the Nannies a very tired and very PROUD 90 year old.

I wonder what great things are instore for me this coming year?  I appreciate every day and I appreciate those who still think of me from time to time.  And I appreciate those of you who allow me into your world though this blog. 

My birthday wish for you is the same as it is to my family:  good friends and good health!  Cheers!

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12 thoughts on “High Flight

  1. Happy Birthday my FRIEND!!!! 🙂

  2. Thank-you very much~ and my flight was fantastic!

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂 I hope you had an amazing time! you deserve it!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Wilma

    Happy Birthday Stacey’s dad … I think the apples have not fallen far from the tree! May you enjoy each and every day in the coming year!

    • I don’t know about them apples – but thank-you, Wilma. My daughter is very lucky to have friends like you!

  6. Thank-you , Nikki! I had a wonderful day. And thanks for all you do to support and encourage my daughter. You are a hero in your own right.

  7. Janine Baines

    Dear Mr. Duff
    I have read many of the blogs that Stacey has been posting with your assistance. They often bring tears to my eyes. Even though I have only met you a few times at school and other occasions with Stacey. I think of you as part of who I am. You are from the generation that has seen much. The knowledge that you have and the changes that your generation has seen makes me stand in awe, with respect and gratitude for all you do. Paula and yourself are very close to my hear t and will always be, a part of what I stand for.
    Respectfully yours,

    Janine Baines

    • Dear Janine – I am so pleased that you have enjoyed (teared) the posts. And thank-you for your kind words. Stacey often speaks about you and how much she really has counted on your wisdom and friendship through the years. Thank-you for this gift – to my daughter. One of my nicest birthday presents. Cheers! TTFN

  8. Reblogged this on High Flight and commented:

    It was one year ago, today. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you – I miss you!

  9. A lovely post and what a great birthday gift! Does this mean that your father and my mother share the same birthday? 15 June. I am sorry your father is no longer physically with you. I am feel so very privileged that my mother is still with me even if she doesn’t live nearby.

    • Yes – I guess they do! It’s nice to know that you appreciate your Mom – so many people I know take their parents for granted. Good for you – they are not with us forever.

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