The Dancing Nannies

I have always loved music.  Songs inspire me, make me laugh, and they can make me cry.

Growing up, I remember my Dad listening to Sir Harry Lauder, “Oh, it’s very nice, yes it’s very, very nice, to get your breakfast in your bed on Sunday morning.”  Lauder sang his songs with a thick Scottish brogue and the R’s rolled off of his tongue.  Of course, it also sounded like he may have had a couple drafts too many during some of his songs too… but his music was rich – it was fun – and I understand accessible through YouTube these days.  Stacey (my daughter), her little one David (my grand-son)  and I sat and listened and watched Sir Harry one night this winter – “Just a Wee Doch N Doris.” .  Now, I can often hear David break into song about docks and dorises – and I can imagine not many of his wee friends quite understand what they heck he is singing.  What makes it even more interesting is that he attends a French school!

Another favorite growing up was, “Daisy, Daisy, bring me your answer do…”.  My Dad used to sing that one to my Mom.  (You can check it out on YouTube too – but I don’t see the version that I used to listen to… stay tuned and maybe I’ll give you my own rendition).

Paula and I used to dance to the music of Tommy Dorsey and all the big bands.  Our favorite, though, was Glenn Miller.  We’d dance all night long.  I loved all of his music – String of Pearls, In the Mood, and Pensylvannia 6-5000.  Those were great songs.  And then there was Nat King Cole with the golden voice: Unforgettable, A Blossom Fell, On the Street Where You Live.  I took Paula once to see him in London, Ontario.   I think I earned brownie points for that one. (grin)

My Dancing Nannies appreciate music as much as I do.  I don’t know quite what they listened to in the Philippines, but they seem to have learned the lyrics to the oldies and goldies I listen on my stereo.   I hear them whistle the tunes and I hear them sing the songs – albeit the words don’t always come out the same way with their accents.  But I appreciate them.  And I love that they make me smile.

We often joke that we are going to have a party – the girls crank up the stereo (not really but I like to suggest that they do!) and we listen to the old tunes.  Ana and Dorothee (the Dancing Nannies) dance to the tunes – they grab my arms and swing them in time to the music.  I can’t stand very well these days by myself  and so I sit in my pink chair and my dancing nannies do the dancing for me while I swing my arms.

I love that music is back in my house.  Paula always put on music and would say, “It’s like a morgue in here” when it was quiet.  Although it wasn’t a comment I appreciated at the time – I sure miss hearing it now.

I guess my house is not a morgue these days thanks to the dancing nannies.  The girls are crazy…. in a good way.  They love music – they love Canada.  And I am grateful to them for keeping music in my life.  Now – if only they could cook!  (grin)


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One thought on “The Dancing Nannies

  1. My mom used to sing the “Daisy, Daisy” song to me when I was a baby! I still remember the tune and the words… Good music is definitely timeless! =)

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