The Half-Way House

The Duff family has always taken care of its own.  Some families will give each other the shirt of their back… my family gave away half of our family home.

Aunt Lizzie was my Dad’s sister.  We all lived in New Lowell growing up.  The Duff’s farmed much of the land there and as you know, my Dad owned the general store and operated the post office.  Paula, when she moved there, became the nurse that did home visits.  (She even delivered a set of twins once!)

In any case, Aunt Lizzie needed a home – I don’t remember why or the circumstances surrounding the house, but I remember she needed a house.  We had a house, we being my Mom, Dad, sister Peg, and myself.

The best thing to do, it seemed was to chop the house in half and give it to her.

And that’s exactly what happened.

My Dad literally sawed the house in half.  Build a foundation for Aunt Lizzie’s new half and moved the house down the road.  It took 10 horses to draw the house to its new location down the street- but it ended up getting there.  We patched up the open ends of both houses and that was that.

I guess you could say that was the first half-way house that ever was in New Lowell.

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2 thoughts on “The Half-Way House

  1. Melissa Prince

    Are the houses still there??

    • I understand through a friend that the house was actually split three times and all three are still along that same county road. More soon as I contact the person with the information. I’d love to “see” the tri-split home!

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