The Wine Doctor

We lived in Barrie on Peacock Lane for several years and became good friends with several of our neighours.  To the right was “Jim” the engineer and to the left “Bill and Jenny” the doctors.  We were nestled between two solid families.  The rose between the two thorns – I was the Wine Doctor.

Dr. Bill, one day,  came over to borrow a bottle of whiskey.  I sent it over and also sent over a bottle of my fine wine  – known as “body – builder” in addition.  My wine was very popular – it was made from Welch’s grape juice.  Bill and Jenny  were having guests for dinner that night and they were in a pinch.  The wine doctor came to the rescue.  I  guess they must have enjoyed the wine because they had a great time with their guests!

Jenny knocked on my door the next day with the request to help her make the body builder – I said I’d come over and show her.  She bought the necessary supplies:  Welch’s grape juice, sugar, yeast, and of course water.

I showed her the proportions and off she went.

Bill was at work when I was busy brewing the wine with Jenny.  When he arrived home from work he came in asked his children, “Where is your mom?”  They answered innocently, “She is down in the basement making wine with The Wine Doctor.”  With great curiosity,  Bill came down into the basement only to find his wife and I brewing up a batch of the Welch’s.  We all had a chuckle!

Her wine turned out well – I know because we all toasted to our good health together.. and we all lived to ripe old ages.

Wine doctors are rare birds these days – but my wine aka body builder continues to be the “cure that cures all ailments” these days!

I garnered a reputation of wine maker over the years and had requests from several of my students to save their batches.  With a little bit of magic – which was really sugar – I was able to cure their wines… me… the Wine Doctor.

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One thought on “The Wine Doctor

  1. Hi Bill,

    i really like this story, I like them all but this one is my Favorite so far! I think your blog is awesome and I look forward to reading new posts. 🙂 Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your stories with us!


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