Filtering with the Forces

Not very long after I got home to New Lowell, Paula joined me.  We were married and one month later we went to Montreal on our honeymoon. Much to my chagrin and protest, although I understood, Paula went back to stay with her parents for while.   She wanted to see them and her father needed her help with the book-keeping for his brick-yard.

After a year (yes, one year!), she came east and she joined me and we began the first of our very numerous moves across Canada.  Our first move was to North Bay Regional GMC Headquarters Filter Centre.  It was here that we called in to report on activity for aircraft.  It was a little bit like air traffic control – like radar control – but we were not the radar part.  It was our job to identify aircraft for civilian activity.  We’d plot the activity on this big plotting table that showed the route, speed, height and general details of the aircraft that the field observers would call in to us.   (note from Stacey:  I had troubles piecing this one together and so forgive me if I have not painted a very clear picture of GMC.  I will clarify with Dad next time I see him)

Second move:  Paula and I ended up back in New Lowell where I built our first home on the land I had purchased previously from Don Duff.  It was a little home with one bedroom but it just fine for us.  .  I put cupboards in the kitchen and grandma called them tractor cupboards because they were built so strong – I had used what I had in from the store.   The house still stands on the main street beside Don and Lou Duff’s big red-brick house.  This was a little different than the “civilized” existence Paula was used to living with her parents who had done very well in the coal, brick, and construction business.  But we were very happy.

Paula’s parents eventually came to visit to stay and we’d stay up all night playing Canasta.  They couldn’t understand why it was so hard to get up in the morning!

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