Watch for new posts Wednesday night!

My daughter and I have agreed that we will submit a new post every Wednesday evening.  This is the evening when we get together for dinner.  Stacey cooks and then we all enjoy sitting around the dinner table and chatting.  

Thanks to those of you who have been following my blog.  It helps lift my spirits to know that others are interested in parts of my life. 

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4 thoughts on “Watch for new posts Wednesday night!

  1. Martin Langmuir

    Wonderful stories Bill.
    I recall you telling me some of them over a glass of ‘Body Builder’, and I enjoyed all the new ones and look forward to many more either on this blog or when I am visiting.

    • Yes – the body builder tended to bring out a lot of stories – and created a lot of stories too!

  2. Donna Langman

    I am loving them! Keep them coming! When can Stacey come and cook me dinner?

    • …Anytime you’d like – but you have to tell me stories! Glad you are liking the stories, Donna, and thank-you for your feedback. It is very encouraging!

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