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Jacobina Roy Taylor

My Grandma Duff,  Jacobina Roy Taylor, was a shop-keeper in Scotland.  She was an only child.   I have her certificate of shop-keeping in Scone, Scotland.

(More details to come)

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The Genie in the Bottle

This is one of my most treasured jokes.  It was usually told around a bonfire late at night with a little “body- builder” to help the punch line.

Three guys were walking on the beach.  One of them kicked something buried in the sand.  It was a bottle. The guys rubbed the bottle and out popped a Genie.  The Genie said, “There are three of you and three wishes.  To be fair I’ll give each on of you one wish.”  They all thought that was okay.

The first guy said, “Well, I have a big enough house but I have 7 kids and I’d like acouple more bedrooms. ”  Poof ! He had two more bedbrooms.

The second guy said, “I’ve got a big enough house but I’d like to have a little more money in my account.” Boom! He had a million dollars.

The third guy said, “I wish I were a little smarter.”  Boom! He became  a woman.

This was one of Paula’s favorite jokes… for obvious reasons.

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