Lost in England

I was flying out of somewhere in England to practice cross-country flying.  It was VFR (Visual Flight Rules or “map reading”).  I looked at my map to decide where I was – but I didn’t have one for where I was flying over.  At that time there were airports everywhere in England because it was war-time.  All these aircraft and so few patrollers – they just trusted you to not get lost.  But I did get lost – I had no idea where I was.

Rather than run out of gas – I decided I’d better land.  I went up to the control tower and looked “his” DRO (Daily Routine Orders) which gave the name of the place where I had landed.  The controller was busy talking on the radio – but he said “can I help you?”.

” I have one engine that is heating up – but I’d like to land for a little while.  If it is still heated I’ll land – otherwise, Ill carry on.”.  I knew I had to get back from where I came.  I had stolen a glimpse of my location and that was enough to get me my coordinates and get back in the air to fly home.

I guess I was a young, cocky pilot back then.

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